Randy Wood


Redding, CA


Fine Art & Landscape Photography by
Randy A. Wood

While Redding, California was certainly not the beginning of my journey with a camera, it is now my home of almost 17 years. My start was somewhere in the grassy green vineyards, rolling hills, and starry-skied summer nights of Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley. My high school sweetheart and Wife of nearly 30 years, Wendy Wood, and I have raised 3 beautiful children and are now proud grandparents of two beautiful little girls. I am Randy Wood, Owner of & Landscape Photographer for Wood R.A. Photography (Redding, CA).

By day I am a Senior Land Surveyor for the State of California and have been in the career since April of '91. My job has provided me many opportunities to travel to some of the most beautiful locations in our State giving me a range of experience. I feel so blessed to reside in a location surrounded by so much natural beauty everywhere I look. My Wife has been one of my biggest supporters and advocates of my photography, really pushing me to fulfill my destiny in taking it to the next level living each day to the fullest. If my Wife isn't with me, my trusty sidekick, (my 4-year old, energetic, yellow-lab) Tobias Jack (aka "Toby") can be found cutting across the switchbacks and foot trails with me, since he is the least bit camera-shy...thus far.

Friends who know me well know I haven't missed a sunrise in over 30 years. When I am not at my office or getting candid shots of my granddaughters, I can be found anywhere surrounded by lush, dense, green forest; seeking that perfect reflection on one of our many lakes; along one of our many rivers, streams, and waterfalls; or chasing the drama of the very last beaming ray of light at sunset. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting”.

While my youngest daughter would describe my work as something "visionary" I just think of it as imaginative & original. My photography has helped me find an incredible peace of mind with each and every humbling experience I encounter "through the lens". Seeing my memories of the lost sandy shores now just a distant memory on a canvas years later has made my dream of capturing those otherwise lost moments in time quite a reality.

My goal as a business owner is to provide North State residents with quality images I've captured of surrounding natural landscapes and local monuments from the comfort of your own home or business office; from the coastal redwoods, to majestic volcanoes, & high desert plains just out of your reach, to the green valley in which we live, the variety of images I have to provide will always be within a reasonable, affordable price range and with complimentary friendly, and dependable services.

If you enjoy what is before you today and want to see more of my work, please visit my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WoodRAPhotography

Available by Phone: #(530) 244-5750 and by email: photo.woodra@gmail.com


Coyote Pond by Randy Wood


Mossbrae Falls by Randy Wood


Alluring Sundial by Randy Wood


Ye Old Barn by Randy Wood


Abstract Reflections by Randy Wood


Winters Escape by Randy Wood


Sweeping in Winter by Randy Wood


Benevolent Sun by Randy Wood


Last Breath of Fall by Randy Wood


Weekend Pleasure by Randy Wood


Whiskeytown Barn by Randy Wood


Passing Through by Randy Wood


Lassen Peak by Randy Wood


Brokeback Barn by Randy Wood


Elegance by Randy Wood


Gold Hill Trestle by Randy Wood


Rogue Fall by Randy Wood


Lost Creek Covered Bridge - Circa 1881 by Randy Wood


Glacial Erratics by Randy Wood


Golden Gull by Randy Wood


Elegant Dawn by Randy Wood


The Rose by Randy Wood


Heceta Head by Randy Wood


Glorious Sunset by Randy Wood


Tears of Joy by Randy Wood


Radiant by Randy Wood


Eternal by Randy Wood


Rogue Gorge by Randy Wood


In Plain View by Randy Wood


Hibiscus by Randy Wood


Never Alone by Randy Wood


Ono Barn by Randy Wood


Speeding Reflections by Randy Wood


Pink Rose by Randy Wood


Morning Thaw by Randy Wood


Snowy Meadow by Randy Wood


Hushed Morning by Randy Wood


Pretty in Pink by Randy Wood


Hat Creek Headwaters by Randy Wood


Good Morning Sunshine by Randy Wood


Shadow Play by Randy Wood


Coyote Pond by Randy Wood


Cradled Moon by Randy Wood


Sky Ribbons by Randy Wood


Manzanita Creek II by Randy Wood


Manzanita Creek by Randy Wood


Snow Tracks by Randy Wood


Winter Shadows by Randy Wood